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Excitement's in the air, whether a wedding has been announced, an office party shouted out loud, or a corporate event looking for impacting exposure.  We pride ourselves on knowing that whatever the calling, you'll be on the winning end with the best photo booth experience available.  Our exposed photo booth is equipped to give your event the fun and liveliness that it's looking to add while letting you sit back and relax, knowing that your guests are well taken care of.


Corporate Meeting
Playful Wedding Couple
Christmas Office Party



Increase your brand's exposure by setting up a corporate photo booth to make lasting impressions on your target markets.  Infusing your customers with positive emotions through social sharing and quality branded pictures will only solidify the impact of your brand's social presence.

You've spent hours upon hours of planning for perfection.  No way cousin Betty's going to out due you this year, not on your big day!  Leave the entertainment to us so you and your guests can indulge in our mayhem of props to mark your day of everlasting memories. You didn't get all dressed up for nothing!

So you got put in charge of the Christmas and 'Festivus for the Rest of Us' party this year.  Festiv...what? Don't worry about it.  Call up 5M Photobooth and we'll bring in the holidays like you've never seen, all thanks to you.  Be your event hero, and soon you'll be the talk at the water cooler.

Graduation Celebration
Birthday With Friends Posing For Picture
Outdoor Party




Nothing but blood, sweat, and tears poured into years of studying with your friends and classmates; grooming you into forming your next step of world domination.  Before you go conquer the world though, make sure to slip a good word to the grad planning committee how great it would be to capture school spirit with 5M Photobooth.

It looks like it's another year older, and another year wiser... hopefully wise enough to know that if you want everyone to have an undeniably awesome time at your party, 5M Photobooth is your new friend.  Your guests will fawn over how surprisingly photogenic they are and will be quick to broadcast that your party holds the 'Booth of Youth.'  Good job, you can temporarily reverse aging, and it's your birthday.  Be your event hero.

Whether your community or festival event is celebrating a day, promoting a message, raising awareness, or just giving back to the public, you can count on us to create a magnet of attention.  Watch the crowd swarm as we help broadcast your event through social media impressions and premium quality photo prints, instilling the power of positive reinforcement associated with your brand.

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