Beta's 3rd Birthday Bash | Photo Booth Rental Surrey

Last week we had the honor of celebrating Beta Collective's third annual celebration with our photo booth rental in Surrey. Beta Collective is a cozy, casual co-working space in the heart of downtown Surrey. It opened it's doors 3 years ago to give early startup businesses an environment not only to work away from home, but to be involved in an evolving community of like-minded entrepreneurs at a reduced cost. Their goal was to help provide a real world working environment to help individuals grow out of Starbucks shops and their basements with the added benefit of fostering collaborations. Co-founders Jason Wong and Elvin Cheung sit proudly today at their 3 year milestone and we're happy to be their choice of photo booth rental in Surrey.

We were joined in good company by MLA's, Bruce Ralston, Tracy Redies, and co-sponsors Andina Brewing Company and PwC Management Services LP as well as local business neighbours and clients of Beta Collective. Not everything was all business though, and we have the photos to prove it! We're ecstatic to be chosen as their photo booth rental in Surrey and give another big congrats to their commitment to excellence.


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